We have nighties

For a few days now, we've had nightly builds of OpenDingux. Not exactly nightly, as they are not built once a day, but every time new commits are pushed.

This is a big deal; that makes it so much easier for non-devs to follow closely what's being done in the latest OpenDingux. It is particularly interesting for GCW-Zero users, which have been stuck with a 2014-era firmware for so long now, and can now update to something a bit more recent. This also allows us to get much more feedback on the current state of things, as well as bug reports.

The other important bit is that the GCW-Zero build now also supports the RG-350 and the RG-350M handhelds, so you can test the latest OpenDingux on these handhelds too.

As for what's new compared to the old 2014-era firmware, I will write a blog post soon with an in-depth review of all the changes that have been made for the last 6 years.


I cannot stress more that the nightly builds are alpha quality and I cannot be held accountable for any damage caused to your handheld, your data, or yourself. If you're lucky it may not eat your data, but make a backup before updating, just in case.

As for functionalities, don't expect a fully-working build. A lot of work is yet to be done, and a lot of games don't run and will need to be adapted.

Download links

The latest OpenDingux nightly builds can be found at this permalink:

Note that the toolchains are not uploaded there. The latest RS-90 toolchain will still work on the nightly RS-90 builds. For the GCW-Zero build, the latest toolchain can be found here.


  1. #1Ninoh-FOX, 15 Oct 2020

    ooh!!! nice!! thank you so much!!!


  2. #2Steve, 16 Oct 2020

    are you guys planning to support the pocket go / play go ?


  3. #3robin, 02 Nov 2020

    An image based on a modern kernel, and new build toolchain sounds great!

    Any chance this will work on the Pocket Go V2 (not the “NEW Pocket Go V2”, which is supposed to be 100% rg350 compatible)? Or, Ninoh-FOX, if you are reading, any plans to make a build of Rogue firmware based on this?


  4. #4Conrad, 17 Nov 2020

    Hello there,

    Before all, thanks a lot for all your work upstreaming patches! I’m new to this retro handhelds world as I just acquired an Anbernic RG-350M device.

    I did manage to test your nightlies by running the opk on top of the “stock” firmware found here (https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG350M/Stock%20Firmware/).

    I did test some emulators OPK from the same site and most don’t work, as intended. But the SNES one was working nicely for example.

    I’m willing to help (or at least try from the best of my knowledge) “porting” latest OpenDingux to this handlhed.

    I can (re)compile and test things if you want/need. And try to modify/patch some softwares. I have Linux and cross-compilation “knowledge”.

    Since this chinese retro handhelds world seem to be a huge mess, I would appreciate if you can point me to some resources you find updated/right/useful to help me getting into it.

    For example: is everyone forking emulators code for their specific handhelds without P/R back?

    I can only see “custom” opk builds of emulators with patches/fixes scattered everywhere and hosted and sometimes dead hoster links, or obscure forums.

    Where are the “true”/clean sources of the emulators used in these handhleds?

    What is the best place to communicate with you? Mail/IRC/Discord?


    1. #4.1pcercuei, 29 Apr 2021 (Reply to Conrad)

      Best place is IRC - #opendingux on irc.freenode.net.


  5. #5Georgy, 09 Dec 2020

    • mtp/usb still bad on 2020-12-09 (december) build - files may not copy, canceling copy leads to mtp device disappearing in windows 7 (was working before october release);
    • no ftp @ rndis (not sure if supposed to be), telnet works ok;
    • ccdoom got lags again when caching sounds (had no lags (or almost) on 2020.10.04 build);
    • exfat works fine but it would be nice to see fat32 support or at least some readme file or changelog explaining that fat32 is not supported;
    • some videomodes removed/changed? Fceux wouldn’t show anything ingame until I open it’s internal menu (which seems to be luckily drawn in other mode) and changed to another one (saving by default).


  6. #6Woodz, 05 Jan 2021

    I’m hugely appreciating these nightlies for the RG350 and they’ve been working great for me, will there be a full Beta image soon, or is it best for a clean installation to use the existing OpenDingux 1.5 image?


    1. #6.1pcercuei, 04 Apr 2021 (Reply to Woodz)

      There won’t be any image. Instead, we have a small program that can flash a nightly build to the handheld directly over USB (so that it’s not required to open the handheld).


    2. #6.2Woodz, 14 Apr 2021 (Reply to Woodz)

      Understood and thanks, will look out for the new flasher tool when it’s available.


  7. #7MasterJayanX, 17 Apr 2021

    Is it me or the builds from the “Latest” folder are gone?


    1. #7.1pcercuei, 17 Apr 2021 (Reply to MasterJayanX)

      It’s back on now.


  8. #8eddie, 25 Apr 2021

    Can you share skin.conf file please


  9. #9Alxtr1bal, 19 May 2021

    Hi there, after upgrading with the nightly on gcw zero, and after restart , the screen stays black. While booting with X button, the log says : VFS: Can’t find ext4 filesystem

    What could be the problem ?


  10. #10Ted_3t8b, 11 Jun 2021

    Hello pcercuei,

    thanks for your nightly versions of OpenDingux for the gcw0.

    After the update of the 2021-06-02 version my screen stays black after the reboot; booting the kernel before the update (2021-05-12 version) helped. My log is empty.

    best regards


  11. #11wadie, 14 Jun 2021

    is there anywhere i can see the changes made with each release?, keep up the good work.


  12. #12Ted_3t8b, 02 Jul 2021

    Hello pcercuei,

    thanks for your nightly versions of OpenDingux for the gcw0.

    Even after the update of the 2021-06-26 version my screen stays still black after the reboot; booting the kernel before the update (2021-05-12 version) helped. My log is empty.

    best regards


  13. #13Miss_Sara_101, 31 Dec 2021

    I would like to know when a stable version for the RG350m would be ready. I’ve tried out the beta.