zcrc.me is moving!

Just a quick notice to inform you that I am moving my blog from zcrc.me to opendingux.net which I just bought.

In the coming days or weeks (read: when I find some time) I will try to enhance the website so that it's worthy of being the official website of the OpenDingux project. zcrc.me will forward to the new domain until the end of April, after which the website will only be available at the new address.

Note that for the last few months (since around November) the comments system was broken on my blog, so it was impossible to write replies. I feel stupid for not noticing it before, since I would get at least a few replies per week, plus spam, and I had zero in six months. This is fixed now, and the pending comments have been processed and added to the posts. Sorry about that.

  1. #1linkmaster6, 24 Apr 2021

    Thats awesome man good for you! Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on updating this OS!